Are these party pills legal?
Yes. Although these pills emulate the effects of some street drugs, they contain only natural non restricted herbal ingredients. We have formulated our pills in such a way that they can be shipped almost anywhere, and are totally effective. We have customers in over 80 countries including Australia, USA, UK, France, Canada, Ireland, and many more.

Why would I take these party pills?
These pills were developed for drug harm minimization, allowing people who would otherwise use illegal and dangerous street drugs, the opportunity to take this legal, non addictive substitute. Or for anyone who wants to alter their perception naturally.

Can I mix these pills with Alcohol?
These pills are fine for a night out without alcohol, however may mix these with alcohol in moderation. Alcohol will enhance the effects of these pills.

Is their any concerns?
If you are on medications, you must check with your doctor first. Neuro Blaster contains Hypericum which effects the way many medications work including the oral contraceptive and anti depressant medication. If you are a first time user start with just 1 pill and work up from there. Effects usually take 1hr to peek. Stay well hydrated and donít over indulge or binge.

Will I have a hangover or any side effects?
Generally these pills are well tolerated and offer no adverse effects or hangover, however some people may experience nausea, headaches, flushes, teeth grinding, paranoia, and insomnia. Check with your doctor if mixing with other drugs.

Whatís in these party pills?
These pills contain only natural ingredients, that have been used in herbal medicines for centuries, as well as recreational use, and have a good track record for their safety. When you purchase pills from us you will know exactly whatís in them as a full ingredients list including amounts is printed on the bottles. Only the finest botanicals and extracts are used in the production of our pills.

How long does it take to get my order?
Orders are shipped worldwide within 24 hrs, from New Zealand, via airmail ($15) or courier ($40), and generally take 6-12 days to arrive. New Zealand customers will receive their packages the next day. We do all we can to get you your pills as quick as possible.

How do I pay?
The fastest way is with creditcard online, however we could also accept other payment methods such as western union, bank transfer, or paypal. Please contact us for payment instructions.

Are they guaranteed?
Yes, we are so happy with our formulations that we offer a full 60 day 100% money back guarantee, on any number of unopened bottles and up to 1 open bottle even if its completely empty. If you feel these are not the best legal highs you have tried you may return them within 60 days for a full refund.